Yorkstone Paving

An Astoria Stone speciality. Known for its hard-wearing and durable qualities, Yorkstone paving has been used in a wide array of building, construction and landscaping applications around the world for many years. Notably, Yorkstone was chosen as the material of choice to pave the majority of The City of London. Traditionally, Yorkstone is most well known in it's Manor Buff variation. Over time and deplete of reserves, the opening of new quarries in the area have emmitted a whole new array of colours including Scoutmoor Grey, Appleton, Pond Grey & Buff/Orange Yorkshire Swirl. Due to fast depleting reserves, Yorkstone is becoming somewhat a rarity.

A combination of it's rarity & quality makes this the stone of choice, not just for it's aesthetics but the value it creates for any home. All of our Yorkstone material is meticulously sourced via various quarries across North & West Yorkshire. It is then carfefully cut to measure at our manufacturing facility in Huddersfield. No stone leaves our facility with imperfections, giving our clients piece of mind that all ordered products fit with precision & look fabulous in your new or exisiting home. Astoria Stone is one of the UK's largest York stone traders, with over 250 tonnes leaving our facility to private and commercial clients on a weekly basis.

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  1. Cathedral Reclaimed Yorkstone

    Cathedral grade Reclaimed Yorkstone is our highest value product, and rightly so. This antique paving is creates an amazing instant illusion of history and charm to any property, whether new or period. Astoria hand picks Cathedral Yorkstone by piece to ensure absolute quality. All pieces are large by nature. We only include medium to large pieces, and offer a full refund and redelivery for pieces that our clients find too small. Sourced from demolished Churches & Manor houses across North/West Yorkshire. Astoria stone is of of the largest Reclaimed Yorkstone dealers in the UK, with around 500m2 per week traded from our Huddersfield base. Enquire now for latest availability.

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  2. Riven Yorkstone Paving

    Quarry face Riven Yorkstone is rived directly from the bed of the quarry. A range of dark colours gives this stone a real mysterious character. Between 40-55mm thick. Suitable for period & new-build properties. over 200m2 stocked at any time. 25mm thick available for indoor appliance! Please enquire now!

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  3. fettled riven flags

    Our clean Riven Yorkstone is by far the best seller in this category. This product is rare and difficult to source. Offering slip resistance and a fine colour, this paving is malleable. Clean buff Riven matches with most domestic and commercial appliances. Enquire now for current stock levels!

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  4. Grey Riven Yorkstone

    Grey Riven Yorkstone provides a solid, rustic finish. We recommend a Grey Riven for period properties, perhaps if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to reclaimed. This paving weathers beautifully, and increases in value year by year as it becomes an antique reclaimed product. Very solid stone which will last for generations to come.

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  5. Tactile Paving

    Tactile Paving - Perfect for councils and local authorities, our Tactile Yorkstone Paving is used at pedestrian crossings and pavements Nationwide. Available in a Fairhurst Blue/Scoutmoor Yorkstone. Astoria Stone has a maximum 3 week turnaround on all Tactile Paving orders. Learn More
  6. Grey Sawn Yorkstone

    A Blue/Grey Yorkstone from the hills of Whitworth, Lancashire on the Yorkshire border. Fairhurst Blue provides a smooth, honed finish. The sediments of this rock are extremely tight - Therefore this is our smoothest Yorkstone variation. Suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Our masons can hand fettle the edges to provide a more rustic finish. Learn More
  7. marshalls yorkstone

    Scoutmoor Yorkstone is the traditional London street paving. With stunning variation and as one of the hardest stones available, you can be sure of a forever lasting patio. For commercial application, Scoutmoor Grey is Astoria's recommended option. Learn More
  8. Kensington Sawn Yorkstone Buff

    This product is a consistent Buff, typical Yorkstone, sourced from 2 quarries in Halifax & Leeds. As well as using for outdoor paving, this product is suitable for laying on underfloor heating at a 25mm thickness. We can Hone & Polish your Sawn Yorkstone for indoor application at additional cost. . Match up your steps with our Yorkstone bullnose! In stock and available on a free 72 hour delivery. Learn More
  9. Reclaimed Yorkstone Crazy Paving

    We source all of our Reclaimed Yorkstone Crazy Paving from old garden patios which are being refurbished. The stone has a dark, weathered face which has been foot worn over time. Reclaimed Crazy Paving is an antique stone which is over 100 years old so will be subject to slight chips and colour variations due to age. With a smooth, foot-worn texture, this paving has an imprint of the past and is ideal for older properties when the paving needs to match the age and style of the existing building and surrounding area. A great cheap alternative, but still utilising the quality of York stone. Learn More
  10. Yorkstone Crazy PAving Pallet

    Riven Yorkstone Crazy Paving, when laid correctly, is one of the most amazing forms of art in landscaping. Our product is of a suitable thickness, around 50mm. We incorporate a perfect mixture of large and medium sized pieces to ensure that the finished article is well proportioned. Purchase the highest calibre York stone Crazy Paving with Astoria. Learn More

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