Stone Sealant

Stone Sealant

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Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhancer is a impregnating sealant or also sometimes known as a penetrating sealant. It is for for both internal and external natural stone. It is a water-based impregnating sealer which enhances/highlights any natural colour or veining within the stone. It will also deepen the colour of solid coloured stone or tile. Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhancer is a water based colour enhancer and impregnator that penetrates deeply into the surface of the natural stone or tile to protect against water based staining and heavy soiling/grime. Up to 15m² per litre coverage depending on porosity - up to 5 years use depending on foot traffic and the correct maintenance procedures. Seal a part of your patio first to be sure that you are happy with the finish. Always carry out test application in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Apply to clean and dry surface - after application keep the surface dry and apply in dry weather conditions Apply a first coat of Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhancer with a low pressure sprayer, roller, natural fibre brush/sponge or micro fibre cloth. Remove any excess sealer from the surface after a maximum of 25 minutes - You may need to remove the excess more quickly than this depending on ambient temperature. Apply the sealer again approximately 45 minutes later. After any application the surface needs to be kept totally dry through the curing process which is a minimum of 24 hours. Any water might result in the sealer drying in white, grey or opaque patches. Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhancer changes the colour of any stone/tiled surface. Surfaces which are not to be sealed should be protected with masking material.